The NBA Should Just Consolidate The League Down To Like 10 Super Teams And Save Everyone The Trouble

So now we’ve got Daryl Morey and the Rockets down there in Houston making moves. They’re trying to become the next super team and they added Chris Paul out of nowhere today. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go hard at Paul George and if they miss on him, I’m SURE they will add some big talent in the next year or two.

At this point we have Cleveland (although they are imploding), Golden State, Boston, Houston, San Antonio, Minnesota and maybe even the Lakers looking like the only teams worth a shit in the NBA anymore. Adam Silver might as well just trim the fat and cut the league down to a bunch of super teams that battle eachother. Just take all the good players and send them to the 10 or so teams.

We can send Anthony Davis to Boston, Paul George to Houston and then keep going from there. Get Blake Griffin, Gordon Hayward, Russ Westbrook, Damian Lillard, Boogie Cousins etc all in different uniforms and let’s see what happens when the five on five has atleast 3 All Stars on each side every time.

Otherwise, this league is just gonna continue to be top heavy and like 6 teams will be relevant.

*In all honesty, this summer is going to continue to be crazy in the NBA and teams are going to kill each other to get stars. It’s actually awesome for the league.

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