The New England Patriots Just Put The League On Notice

That was an absolute coaching clinic. There’s not much else to say about what happened in Foxboro last night. Bill Belichick flipped the game on it’s head and won on a short week, with a rookie QB, against an undefeated team. And not just won, DEMOLISHED them.

To be honest, I don’t think Bill O’Brien is a bad coach, or the Texans a bad team. I think they will right the ship and win the AFC South. But they don’t belong on the same field as the Patriots, and not many do. Bill Belichick is like a college professor and all other coaches are like middle school substitute teachers. The Patriots are men, the rest of the teams are boys. It was an amazing display last night to say the least.

First off, Bill Belichick went with the most savage look of all time and that’s saying something for the get-ups he rocks. You had to see this and think, “this dude has been scheming so hard he had no time to think about what he was putting on his body.”

Jacoby Brissett managed the game really well, knowing when to run, when to slide and when to just hold on to the ball. He had zero turnovers which is pretty astounding. Now, Brissett wasn’t Garappolo because the playbook was very different and it wasn’t a “let him loose” type gameplan. The eye test just tells you that Jimmy is able to do a lot and will be a stud. Brissett isn’t there yet, although he could be at some point. So there is no QB controversy if Jimmy is healthy next week (I really don’t know if he will be), but I will say the Patriots have 3 QBs and those 3 QBs are better than anything most teams have as starters. You almost have to feel bad for fans with starting QBs who just can’t get it done that look at what we have and the ability our guys have of winning. A lot has to do with the coaches and personnel but I honestly think all 3 of our QBs are just smart guys who know not to make stupid mistakes.

The defense was an absolute force last night making a statement and not allowing even a field goal to a team with good weapons and an offensive minded head coach. Jamie Collins had one of his best games as a Patriot and Malcom Butler stood out as well, shutting down whoever he was covering. It was a tough, smothering unit that knew they had to keep the score low, and then decided they wanted to blank Houston just for fun.

Special teams was unreal as well, which is such a Belichick thing. Ryan Allen had a huge night, pinning the Texans on every punt. This really must have been Belichick’s favorite non-Super Bowl win. Defense, special teams, running the ball, being creative on offense and winning the turnover battle were all integral pieces to the W. For all the credit BB gets as a head coach (greatest of all time and it’s not close), he should get the same credit as a GM for putting together this collection of smart, tough and skilled players.

It was a pretty embarrassing game for Houston as Brock Osweiler had no idea what hit him, JJ Watt never showed up, and old friend Bill O’Brien melted into a puddle. The only cause of such a poorly coached game by Bill O. I can think of is just being intimidated. He walked into Gillette, saw Belichick staring at him and pissed down his leg. All he could do was crumble and then get really defensive and angry in his postgame presser.

In the end Belichick deflected praise from the media and said it was about the guys playing, which was the perfect move by this leader of men. He gets guys to love him, respect him, and want to do anything for him. Just take the example of Brissett running to the sideline after his TD and giving Bill a firm handshake and the ball. Awesome moment.

That was as good of a win as I’ve ever seen and now we move on. One game away from 4–0 and then we REALLY start having fun once Tom Brady returns. Last night served as a big middle finger to anyone who has ever said the Patriots need to cheat or doubted them. Belichick arrogantly, and smartly, showed that he can win anyway, anyday and that he was confident enough to go into a game with his best WR as his backup QB. The Pats, in front of the whole nation of football fans watching, murdered a team and basically sent a message about DeflateGate and who runs the show. I hope Roger Goodell is happy, because we are coming for that trophy.

*I almost feel bad for the Red Sox right now. 8 straight wins against the Yankees and Orioles, magic number down to 5. Ho-hum.

**Bill Belichick just locked up coach of the year and maybe even the presidency.

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