Tom Brady Gets The Cover Of Madden And Everyone Loses Their Minds

So today, the cover athlete for the videogame Madden 18 was announced, and it was none other than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. I, for one, was shocked because I did not think this Patriots-hating world we live in would allow another Patriot to grace the cover after Rob Gronkowski did last year. But, EA Sports was smart and they took advantage of the greatest player of all time coming off an amazing season and an even more amazing Super Bowl win. After 17 years in the league, Brady was finally the Madden cover boy.

Of course, this decision generated a lot of reaction around the Internet just as anything involving Tom Brady does. Patriots haters were angry, or “salty” as the kids say, and they either said they wouldn’t be buying this version (a lie) or that they hoped the “Madden Curse” hit Brady hard.

If you don’t know what the Madden Curse is, well good for you because it’s really dumb. It’s like any other so-called curse and it effects whoever is on the cover of that year’s Madden video game. It’s kind of like the Sports Illustrated cover curse that claims great players or great teams by making them choke in the playoffs right after they are featured.

Some great players have fallen victim to the Madden Curse over the years such as Eddie George, Daunte Culpepper, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, Shaun Alexander, Vince Young, Troy Polamalu, Peyton Hillis and Rob Gronkowski. But almost all of those cases can be explained. Eddie George and Shaun Alexander were victims of heavy workloads the year before, Gronkowski is constantly hurt, Vick was bound to get injured as a running quarterback and Hillis and Young weren’t good in the first place.

The players who have been on the cover who haven’t had any real evidence of a Madden Curse or even did well include Marshall Faulk, Ray Lewis, Brett Favre, Larry Fitzgerald, Drew Brees, Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Richard Sherman and Odell Beckham Jr. So that’s nine players with no curse, and nine with a “curse.” But as I explained, six guys had explainable occurrences, which leaves us with only three that may have been cursed. Donovan McNabb, Troy Polamalu and Daunte Culpepper are the curse poster boys.

Anyway, with all of this curse talk, Patriots fans got riled up again just as they did when Rob Gronkowski was announced as the cover athlete and when Gronk went down with a season-ending injury. But Gronk gets hurt more than he doesn’t get hurt, so I don’t understand how that has to do with superstition. Today, Pats fans were angry that Brady was on the cover and scared about what it might mean for him. I was disappointed in my fellow New England fans for a few reasons.

First off, do you honestly think curses exist? That’s ludicrous if you do. Tom Brady sure doesn’t, as he showed by accepting the cover and also with a video today in which he tempts karma by smashing a mirror and walking under a ladder. Brady thinks it’s silly, and you should too. Even if there was such a thing as a curse, do you think Tom Brady couldn’t beat it? This man has taken down Roger Goodell, ESPN, a 25 point Super Bowl deficit and countless other opponents. I’m pretty sure he can check Madden curse off that list.

So I’m excited for the season because Tom Brady will supposedly be welcoming another opponent and another challenge. He’ll beat the Madden curse and probably have another great year and win. Meanwhile, across the country fans of other teams like the Jets will have to sit there and look at their copy of Madden 18 “Greatest of All Time Edition” with Brady’s on it. It’ll infuriate them and delight me. I can’t wait.

*Even if Brady gets hurt (dear lord don’t let that happen) he’s still the best ever and Jimmy G is still our backup. Calm down.

**There was some stat I saw on Twitter about Madden cover boys before Gronk and how their teams had a combined like 115–150 record so the curse is real. Uhh, you said before Gronk, so clearly this doesn’t effect the Pats.