Tony Romo Retires, Hopefully to Replace Phil Simms

Well shit, I did not see this coming. Tony Romo is retiring from football to go into broadcasting. I knew he had the option to, but I wasn’t really taking that seriously at all.

It’s a sad end to a good career that could’ve been great. I’m a huge Romo guy, but even without bias I believe you have to say he was talented. When healthy, he’s Top 10 in the league and maybe even Top 5. I know everyone likes to laugh when he fucks up but his fourth quarter picks are just magnified. He was a comeback artist, the stats prove it. Hell, most of the time he was putting the whole team on his back and pulling plays out of his ass.

It sucks that the last few years he was so injury prone because he had some great talent around him. I just wanted to see him with that group because I’m convinced he would have at least made one Super Bowl run. And honestly, if he was healthy he could take a team deep into the playoffs this year.

I guess it’s a smart decision by Romo though. Get out while everyone is saying “well if he was just healthy…” and go take over at CBS for Phil Simms. A walking piece of shit could fill in for Simms and America would love it so Romo is about to become everyone’s favorite person ever. He also preserves his health, and is still loaded.

I’m not convinced the itch won’t come back, but I actually think he’s done. Just astounding to me that teams like the Broncos and Texans said thanks but no thanks to him. Both of those teams have crap at QB and Romo would make them scary. Now the Texans are really screwed though because they have zero zip nada. Smells like the Jimmy G market is gonna heat up again.

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