We Interrupt Your Tuesday Because THE RED SOX GOT CHRIS SALE

Just a little rapid reaction to a stunning move that came together very, very quickly. The Sox played dead for a little while and then swooped in to grab the prize of the offseason in left hander ace Chris Sale. And honestly, the deal was magnificent. It makes our starting rotation silly.

It was a risky deal, but you gotta make it. Sale is 27 years old and puts asses in seats. He’ll be appointment viewing every fifth day. The Sox had to give up top prospects to get Sale but you don’t just get one of the best pitchers in baseball without giving up something that hurts. And it does hurt to give up the best prospect in baseball in Yoan Moncada. It’s scary. Moncada is a man child who could end up being Mike Trout only playing third base (a thinner position). And we gave up Michael Kopech who throws 105. But those are the headliners. We didn’t give up any major league talent when I was sure getting Sale would take JBJ, Benintendi or Bogearts. I was even a little scared like half an hour ago that this deal would go down and we’d include Mookie. I mean, during the summer the White Sox were asking for a package of like Mookie, Beninetendi, E-Rod and others. That would have been absurd. And some will say the Sox could have traded Moncada and got Sale in season to then have his arm for the postseason run but we did the right thing. It looked wrong because it looked as though we waited and were now bidding against more teams but it turns out we gave up WAY less than we would have and way less than I expected.

By keeping Moncada and Benintendi during the season the Sox were able to give them both a shot in the majors to see what they thought. Benintendi did very well and Moncada really sucked. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that small sample size matters a whole lot and will be indicative of how Moncada fares as a big leaguer, but the Sox may have seen some things that made it easier to part with him. He does have his flaws and needs a lot of work. Kopech hasn’t pitched in the bigs yet but he has shown he has flaws as well with off-field crap. And he may end up being a beast but I also guys like Daniel Bard and Craig Hansen come through here as flamethrowing relievers and end up being terrible. I’m not that worried about giving him up.

Then when the trade was first reported all we knew was Moncada and Kopech would be involved with a few more minor leaguers. They said it was a couple guys not on the 40 man roster which was nice, but I was still unsure of who would go. It ended up being some prospects that I know nothing about. A few people on Twitter said one guy was pretty good but overall the Sox didn’t kill themselves. That’s nice. (Also people who get way into obscure single A prospects and complain about them being dealt for All Stars are the biggest losers in the world. We are trying to win now with sure things, not hoard assets like the Celtics).

So amazingly, I kind of think the Red Sox got a steal. Maybe down the road I’ll regret saying that but to me, Chris Sale makes the Sox the winners of the winter already and gives us a fantastic chance at another World Series win soon. The rotation is a monster now with Sale, reigning CY Young winner Rick Porcello and David Price (he’s going to bounce back) and we have the depth to finally trade Clay Buchholz. With the pitching market bone dry, some teams might actually come calling on Buch and we can get good value for him. Add in maybe sneaking in on a man named Edwin Encarnacion for a decent deal and this could be a fantastic Sox Christmas.

*The fact that Felger and Mazz aren’t complaining about this means this means a lot.

**Chris Sale can cut up all our uniforms if he wants to. Just win 20 games.

***I literally had a blog in my drafts for tomorrow about how Dave Dombrowski sucks. He may be a little reckless, but he’s got big brass balls and this deal works for me.

****Chris Sale has the most team friendly contract in the game. Making less than Claydro for the production that’s only second to Clayton Kershaw.

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