Weekend Roundup: Back From Cali Edition

So I spent the last week in California, from San Diego to Los Angeles and everything in between. It was a great time and I even managed to put out a few blogs, but I still definitely have a lot to cover from when I was on the West Coast. So here we go.

The Olympics ended and the USA dominated the medal count. Ho hum. The real stories weren’t Michael Phelps continuing his dominance, the US girls gymnasts becoming America’s sweethearts again, Usain Bolt retiring, US basketball taking home gold or even the shitty conditions of Rio. Nope, the real story was Ryan Lochte lying about being held up at gunpoint after he actually just peed all over a gas station. We’ve got ourselves an international incident involving a guy who might legally be handicapped. And that’s that for the 2016 Summer Games!

The NFL and the New York Giants turned a blind eye to another domestic violence issue. Kicker Josh Brown has been said to have 20 different issues with his girlfriend and yet he did not get anything more than a one game suspension. Giants owner John Mara even went on to basically say that since there was no tape like with Ray Rice, he won’t release him. Ok he didn’t say it exactly like that but basically. And the league somehow said they weren’t able to talk to Brown’s girlfriend so they said whatevs and walked away. I don’t even get it. Why not release him? He’s just a kicker for God’s sakes. All joking aside, this is a real big issue and it sickens me to think this dude is allowed to play in the NFL with no real consequences.

Tony Romo broke his back again and it’s Dak Prescott time in Dallas. I hate watching Romo’s career, it really just bums me out. The guy seems like a genuinely nice person and he keeps getting rag-dolled and pretty much dying. I just root for the guy so hard and yet it’ll never happen. At this point, Romo’s days in Dallas (and maybe the NFL) are numbered.

Conor McGregor won his rematch against Nate Diaz in what sounded like an awesome fight to watch. But then again, I’m not really a UFC guy so donnnn’t care.

Kacie McDonnell joined NESN which is huge news for the Boston sports scene. We’ve made Jenny Dell, Heidi Watney, Jamie Erdhal and a few more star women in sports media but we haven’t landed one here after they were already established. McDonnell looks like a great addition after spending time in Philly and Kansas City. I’m excited.

Andrew Benintendi made a bid for catch of the year with his flipping over the left field wall robbery against Tampa Bay. Anddd then he got hurt in what looked like a really awful way but reports are he could be back this year. I’m praying he is because he’s been a real spark for this Red Sox team.

The Chargers and Joey Bosa are publicly bashing eachother and I’ve never seen anything like it. On one hand, I think Bosa should just shut up and take it because it’s the NFL and he may not be good anyway. But on the other I really wonder why the Chargers can’t handle dealing with high profile top picks well at all.

Gary Sanchez has hit 11 home runs in 20 something games this year for the Yankees. The catcher should be a contender for Rookie of the Year and a 50 game suspension in my opinion. (The Yankees youth movement scares me, if you can’t tell.)

Lastly, Colin Kaepernick (or however you spell it) is trying to keep his name in the news. With his surefire clipboard duty coming and the fact that I think people forget the 49ers exist right now, he wanted to make a statement. So he sat for the National Anthem and basically proclaimed himself a terrorist. In all honesty, I get that it’s his right in our free country to do whatever the hell he wants (sit, stand, lay down, do a handstand) but it’s also everyone else’s right to hate his guts. I don’t hate him, he’s just kind of an irrelevant shithead.

There was a bunch more that happened over the week but those are really the main points I wanted to touch on. Won’t be going back on vacation for a while so blogs will start to ramp up. Keep reading.

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