Weekend Roundup: Draymond, NFL Training Camp and MLB Trades

The weekend roundup is back for it’s second installment and I don’t think there is a shortage of topics to discuss from the last couple days. Here goes.

Draymond Green posting a dick pic to his Snapchat story might be the biggest news of the weekend in the sports world. Yep, a guy who still sends pictures of his junk as a professional athlete in 2016 does it without knowing how to send it to the right person or use any sort of caution when doing so. He then said he was “hacked” because that’s the most standard, cop-out answer of all time, and then finally admitted nah it was him making a mistake. The summer of Draymond is not going so well right meow. Lose the Finals for your team, have your role take a big hit when you guys add KD, slap some college kid and get arrested and now worst of all, post your thing on social media. Yikes.

DeAndre Hopkins held out of Texans training camp over a contract dispute and things got ugly. Just kidding, DeAndre held out for a day and then went back to camp with no new contract or even a commitment from the team to get something done. Way to stand your ground there dude. DeAndre had all the leverage as the Texans only good offensive player and one of the best wideouts in the league but I guess he didn’t have the stomache for it and he tucked his tail and came back to camp. Meanwhile, Gronk’s agents are at Pats camp negotiating a new deal which has to have Malcolm Butler, Jamie Collins and Dont’a Hightower feeling great. And we’ve also got Antonio Brown in Steelers camp saying he deserves a new deal, but “would never hold out.” Yea, that’ll be remembered when he’s not showing up next year at this time and business is not, in fact “boomin’.”

The last thing I wanna talk about is the trades that went down this weekend in baseball and the one that did not go down. The Yankees somehow are selling everything off with their trade of Andrew Miller and it is the smart thing to do. I wish they weren’t doing the right thing and stockpiling their farm system with stud prospects but they are. They got a haul so far for Chapman and Miller and if they move Beltran or more today they are sure to get good pieces. The Indians on the other hand are in full win-now mode and I gotta be honest, I think Cleveland is getting a little cocky just because they got one title. We needed something to take them down a peg and put them back in their place and that something was Jonathan Lucroy vetoing a deal to go there. Now on the surface it looks like a bad move for Lucroy to stay in Milwaukee on a shitty team but rumor has it the Indians weren’t willing to give Lucroy what he wanted which was voiding the 2017 club option or a guarantee of playing time next year. This is odd because Lucroy is better than Yan Gomes by a mile. Cleveland got a little too big for their britches and wasn’t playing ball with the guy they needed so they got burned in the end. They need to relax and remember that they are still the Indians.

The week should be a good one, starting today with the MLB trading deadline heating up as we approach 4 o’clock, so get ready for a lot of hot takes.