Weekend Roundup: World Series, BC Football, More Jamie Collins and Beyond

World Series- The Indians put the Cubs on the brink by absolutely shutting them down for the first two games at Wrigley and taking a 3–1 series lead. Cubs fans finally came crashing back down to the harsh thought of being cursed. But the Cubbies came out and salvaged Game 5 to force the series back to Cleveland. The key word there is salvaged though because the Cubs still didn’t really look great. I like that they have Arrieta and Hendricks for a Game 6 and possible Game 7 and I like that Cleveland is probably actually an easier place to play for them. But, a historic comeback to win this series is going to be really tough. This Indians team is just playing so well and so loose so I still don’t know if Chicago can do it. I hope they do, it’s just looking dicey. It’s gonna be entertaining.

BC Football- They won an ACC game, against an NC State team that isn’t bad. This doesn’t magically cure them, but it’s definitely noteworthy because BC football STINKS.

Jamie Collins- Just want to say more on Jamie Collins because as the situation develops, more stuff seems to be coming to light. Collins has been doing his own thing on the field, might not be a big “football first” guy and turned down 11 million a year. This is just the stuff we know, and I’m sure there’s a lot more to the story. Collins and the coach clearly had an issue that wasn’t getting resolved. The problem for Collins is, he just thinks he’s worth a lot more than he is. I’m not just saying this because he got traded but Collins strikes me as a guy who will get paid somewhere and get fat. And shitty coaching will be a HUGE detriment to a guy like him. Now that he’s gone a lot of people are saying it’s a lock that the Pats sign Dont’a Hightower and Malcom Butler. I don’t feel that way. This was a message to those guys that if you don’t roll with us and take what we offer, you go to NFL Hell AKA Cleveland. It’s also a message to the whole locker room and particularly the defense. But anyway I think my gut feeling is that the Pats work something out with Hightower but maybe not Butler. Just a hunch.

Draymond Green- Draymond is saying that other NBA teams are trying to “punk” the Warriors now and being physical/talking shit. Shut up dude. You take the most cheap shots in the league and now if someone wants to push you around a little bit you’re gonna whine? Get outta here with that.

Cowboys- Yet another Cowboy win and America continues to overlook how good they are. This team is the class of the NFC and the only real front runner in my opinion to face the Patriots in the Super Bowl. The only thing that can stop them is Zeke Elliot going out.

Andre Johnson- Johnson retired this morning but it felt like he’s been done for a while now. Still though, he’s a Hall of Famer and one of the best WRs I’ve ever seen. I’ll always love him for his fight with Cortland Finnegan.

David Price- We have our first Twitter comments from David Price whining about Boston fans being mean to him of the offseason. This dude has the thinnest skin and needs to just get off social media or he’s gonna drive everyone nuts.

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