What Will The Pats Do With Jimmy Garappolo?

We are officially into the NFL offseason and it’s time to turn the page and start thinking about what the Patriots will look like in 2017. There are many moves to be made through trades, free agency and the draft but one of the biggest decisions the Pats have involved backup quarterback Jimmy Garappolo.

We saw some of Garappolo during the early part of this year when Tom Brady was serving his Deflate Gate suspension and what we saw was mostly good. Garappolo went into a pressure packed situation and not only won and put up good statistics, but he also looked like he might have what it takes to be a really good NFL quarterback. However, with Tom Brady coming back to have one of his best seasons and win the Super Bowl, the Patriots now have a pretty good problem.

Some say that the Pats should try to sign Garappolo long term to keep him as the best backup in the league and the heir apparent to Brady. While it’d be awesome to have that insurance and have that all work out when Brady does decide to call it quits, we’d need to overpay for a guy who wasn’t actually playing and it just doesn’t seem like the right move. With Brady showing no real signs of slowing down and saying he wants to play for four or five more years, the Patriots will need to trade Jimmy now.

The gamble is always that Brady either gets hurt or has age magically catch up to him sooner than most think. But it seems that the Patriots have faith in Brady to play at a high level for a long time, as there have been rumors that they will sign him to an extension soon. They also drafted Jacoby Brissett just last year and seemed to like what they saw from him. It is telling that the team brought Brissett off of IR to travel with the team and be around even when they knew they likely wouldn’t be using him in game action again.

So now, with rumors floating around about what the Patriots will want in a Jimmy Garappolo trade many are saying that the asking price will probably be too high. The Patriots are going to want a first rounder, as they should, for this potential franchise player. If Sam Bradford can net a big return for the Philadelphia Eagles last season, Jimmy Garappolo should bring a haul as well. With so many teams out there that have a need at the quarterback position and that have assets to part with, I would guarantee the Patriots get what they want for him.

What will be interesting to see is where the Patriots choose to send Garappolo. It will likely tell you all you need to know about the kid because Bill Belichick will be strategic in where he wants him to go. If the Pats send him over to a team like the 49ers or the Browns, it’s more of a sign that they believe in him because on those talentless teams, he wouldn’t be coming back to haunt them anytime soon. If Garappolo goes to the Texans on the other hand, well then that means Bill Belichick duped us all again and doesn’t have much faith in him to hurt us even with a team that is direct competition.