Who Do I Root For In The MLB Playoffs?

Now that the Sox lost, I thought I wouldn’t be interested in watching anymore of the MLB playoffs until the World Series, but last night I flipped on the Cubs and Giants game and remembered that playoff baseball is pretty awesome regardless of if your team is involved or not. After the result of that game, I really feel like I want to be invested for the AL and NLCS and World Series. So who do I want to hitch my wagon to and root for for the remaining games?

Washington Nationals

I don’t have anything really against the Nationals but I don’t think they can be my team. Bryce Harper is fun to watch, playoff Jayson Werth (only an asshole spells Jason that way) is somewhat interesting and who doesn’t like Dusty Baker and his toothpick? Max Scherzer is really fun to watch pitch but without Stephen Strasburg there isn’t much else. It’s just kind of a boring team that I don’t think I can muster up anything to root for or against. Also, they could be out tomorrow after they square off in Game 5 of the NLDS vs the Dodgers.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Just like the Nationals, they could be out tomorrow but they inspire a lot more feelings from me. I love Dave Roberts, Vin Scully and Tommy Lasorda. I’m a fan of playoff Kershaw either overcoming his demons and being dominant or completely crumbling in spectacular fashion. Both would entertain me. But I can’t exactly root for a team that has a bunch of players I don’t like and a pretty shitty fanbase. I’ll pass.

Toronto Blue Jays

Hahahahaha yea right. A Canadian team from the AL East with bandwagon fans and Jose Bautista? I only wish the worst on them.

Cleveland Indians

I’m kind of torn here. I’ve got a soft spot for Terry Francona, Mike Napoli and even kind of Coco Crisp. But I don’t like Cleveland. I don’t like them getting all uppity and thinking they aren’t losers anymore. I hate LeBron James (I know that isn’t relevant but it is). They beat us and it makes me angry because their roster is pretty trash. I don’t like Andrew Miller. But I hate the Indians less than I hate the Blue Jays by a wide margin. I hope they sweep Toronto and then get their hearts broken in the World Series.

Chicago Cubs

This is the team (as I’m sure anyone could have figured out by now). I want to live vicariously through their fans and remember what it’s like to want it SO bad. I can root for the city of Chicago. I can root for Lester, Lackey, Ross, Theo, Rizzo, Arrieta, Bryant, Montero and Baez. I want to see what happens if they win, and I think they are going to. BUT I want to see a roller coaster of emotions. I want the Cubs fans to feel really hopeful, high and confident. Then I want something to happen that plummets them into “Oh no, here we go again” mode. And finally, I want them to overcome it and record the final out. I NEED a drama filled October for the Cubbies. It’s the most entertaining way to go. I’m jumping on the bandwagon and trying to feel the emotion that I can’t possibly feel. Let’s go Cubs. This is the year.

*If the Cubs collapse and don’t win I won’t care. That’ll be great entertainment too.