Who Should Grace The Cover Of Madden 18?

Over the past couple of days, the social media accounts for EA Sports and Madden NFL have been posting about how they will be announcing the cover athlete of Madden 18 “soon.” This is one of those things that I care way too much about because Madden is still my favorite video game ever and I’ll probably be playing it until the end of time. Anyway, this got me thinking about the possibilites for the Madden 18 cover. Here’s who I think has a shot for the cover from each team in the league.

Patriots- Tom Brady or Julian Edelman or Bill Belichick

Brady won’t get the cover because Madden 17 featured Gronk and people would freak out about having two straight Patriots. Also, I’m pretty sure Brady doesn’t even want it. I don’t believe in the Madden Curse, but I’m all set with no Brady on the cover.

Edelman isn’t really good enough to be a Madden cover guy, but if they wanted to go more about a moment than a player, they could throw his catch on the cover. He tweeted that out and it looked good.

A Bill Belichick cover would be amazing. Or just rename the game Belichick instead of Madden.


Dolphins- No one worthy.

Bills- No one worthy because LeSean McCoy is a HUGGE stretch.

Steelers- Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell

I think AB is the one I’d be most annoyed about. He is such a pretty boy and the Madden cover is something that he would be wayy too excited about. He’s nasty and probably a pretty good bet, but please no. When it comes to Le’Veon, I just don’t think he’s marketable enough.

Ravens- No one worthy.

Browns- LOL

Bengals- I would say AJ Green, but that would be weird for some reason.

Colts- At what point do these assholes put Peyton on the cover? It’s going to happen and it’s going to be the most annoying thing ever. (Throw Pat McAfee on there for the hell of it)

Texans- Uhhh hey JJ, maybe you shouldn't get hurt next year so you can be on the next Madden cover.

Jaguars- If someone wants to make me a Blake Bortles custom cover I will use it.

Titans- Mariota is going to be on the cover at some point.

Broncos- Von Miller

I hate the Broncos, but I love Von Miller. I could deal with this.

Chiefs- The best guy for them would be Eric Berry but that’s just not happening.

Raiders- Khalil Mack or Derek Carr

I would love a Raiders cover. I would love it to be Marshawn Lynch, but it can’t be considering he didn’t play last year. Mack or Carr would be cool though.

Chargers- How great would a Phil Rivers cover be? And I could see Joey Bosa getting one in the future but for now they’ve got no shot.

Giants- We had Odell two years ago and there isn’t anyone else worthy so no G-Men.

Redskins- Kirk Cousins would be a hilarious cover.

Cowboys- Dak Prescott or Ezekiel Elliott

Honestly, this is the one combo that I could see sharing the cover. It just seems like you can’t have one without the other. I’d put my money here because they’re hot in the streets and they play for the Cowboys.

Eagles- No one good enough.

Packers- Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is overdue to be on a cover.

Lions- We’ve had two Lions in the past like six years with Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson. I think that means no Lions for another 25 years at least.

Bears- They should just throw Mike Ditka on the cover. I’d be down for that.

Vikings- Sammy Sleeves? Nope.

Falcons- I don’t think they can put a Falcon on the cover. After that collapse, you just can’t.

Bucs- Not enough people like Jameis or Mike Evans.

Saints- Nope.

Panthers- The fact that Cam and Kuechly haven’t had a cover is pretty wild.

Seahawks- We had Sherman like 3 years ago.

49ers- Who even plays for them?

Rams- Same.

Cardinals- David Johnson is too underrated to get the Madden cover.