Scribbles in a poet´s playlist

I don’t know what to write to you essay!
But I wanted to write you perfect!
 I don´t know. I´m broke Louie.
 I´m broke like a catastrophe. 
 Solo. I´m yolo. 
 You don´t know. I don’t know. 
 We’re perfect for each other. 
 The clicking sounds of typing in style are like gigantic magnets. 
 Typing away words that don´t play but punish. 
 Punishing me. Punishing you, for typing.
 For talking Spanish in Spanish class and in Los Ángeles!
 I´m Magno. Like a suicide.
 Obtrusive. YOU are obtrusive!
 But oh! How I LOVE breathing life… LIFE into you! 
 I´m a Magna Carta and you Magno Carlo! 
 I don´t know you. But wish I did.
 I´m for you. Period. 
 I´m powerful. YOU are powerful running in circles! 
 You better pray for me! Boom! Boom!

Originally published at on October 1, 2016.