Stay strong amidst the crappy times

In in the midst of the chaos, when all around you seems lost, hold on.

We so often focus on external circumstances to judge what a person’s life is like. That person has a good job, nice car and has a family. He/she must be happy. That is dirt poor, living in horrible conditions, so they must be unhappy. Well, my most recent experiences in Zimbabwe would disagree. There I found what would seem like an endless supply of overwhelmingly joyful people in the midst of absolute physical desperation. Many of their dreams and aspirations end with putting food in their bellies. Yet they are so full of life. What a tribute to the value of a solid community setting and appreciating the small things in life.

Here in our western world, we have some of the most unhappy people in the world, who otherwise seem for all money to ‘have it all together’. I want to speak about this mental side of the game of life. I feel slightly qualified to speak briefly about this, as someone who has struggled hugely with self esteem and my thought life in general. We far too often portray a facade to others, making it seem as though all is well, when really, it isn’t at all. This is part of the problem in itself. We don’t feel that we can talk about our problems. If we had open, collaborative environments in which to grow up, then perhaps we would be far more rounded individuals mentally, with the fortitude to face challenges head on.

Hold tight for more in the next edition. Aaryan.

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