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Lost in Translation. What happens when you lose your faith in religion and find meaning in Nihilism?

Photo by Erik Nielsen on Unsplash

Here is my experience.

For the first 18 years of my life

I was raised an evangelical Christian with ideologue ideals and a narrow way of thinking. The way I understood life was found through the lens of religion and morality.

After studying on my own, and doing extensive research, I figured out what I found out to be important to me I was zeroed out.

Zeroed out is a term to refer to a reset point of zero and not having anything of value or way of existing.

Without a way to attach me to attach an identity, or way of looking at the world.

Falling through and resetting to 0, I gravitated towards nihilism and fell into a brief spell of hedonism, with no inherent purpose, no reason for the day or purpose of life.

Adopting a sense of nihilism, allowed me to be free of the expectations of others, and allowed me to pursue what is important to me.

Without an expectation of values to hold up , or a way to live life, you can fall into depression, so to avoid the trap that is negatively associated with nihilism,

Although I did lose my belief in religion, it did teach me moralistic and learned

· Honesty

· Integrity

· Common decency for other people

What religion did not do for me:

Allow me to look at the world through my expectations and motivation.

Religion was useful for me to early in life to have an understanding of how the world works.

However, the limiting factor of religion is it limits your impulses and the ability to follow what motivates you in life.

Anything outside of the accepted teachings was not permitted or allowed. Religion did not allow me to view other parts or ways of living. Religion ironically limited my viewpoint and tolerance or other cultures, views, and ways of living as opposed to enhancing.

The quote that best describes the understanding I obtained after I left religion and embraced Nihilism is:

All religions must be tolerated… for every man must get to heaven his own way.

Everyone has a different interpretation and way of dealing with his or her life experience. To place meaning and explanation on life that there is only one way of living or belief systems limits your ability to live and grow.

Post Religion

Parting with religion allowed me to grow and develop and move into my next step in life.

Nihilism as The Ultimate Mindset

Nihilism at its original meaning is the definition that nothing we do matters. With the most popular form known as existential nihilism.

Existential Nihilism promotes the idea that life is without inherent purpose, objective meaning direction or value.

To sum it all up, the view of an existential nihilist, the view of life is you are a nihilist is that nothing matters and life is devoid of meaning.

The beautiful thing about nihilism is the ability able to define is important to you because there is nothing that really matters when you are a nihilist, the only things that matter, is what you give your attention on and feeling too.

With Nihilism, nothing matters, except what you give meaning to.

As analogy view your life cycle as a sand castle, you have the opportunity to build your life as you wish and make it as big and elaborate as you want. However, you realize the tide will come in and eventually wash it all away.

Embracing Nihilism

Embracing Nihilism doesn’t mean you can’t have passion or purpose, it means you accept passion and purpose as your own subjective meaning. Instead of purpose imposed by something or someone else, you impose your purpose as you see fit.

With life having no imposed value, objective meaning or interpretation or inherent meaning you are free to pursue things that give you meaning.

The feeling of liberation that comes about when that comes when removing all expectations.

As the saying goes, Life is for the living. Adopting a Nihilist view allows you to write your own script as you see fit.

what people do not understand with Nihilism, just because they think there is no meaning of life they try to rationalize ending it.

Just because there is no subjective meaning of life to Nihilist perspective doesn’t mean anything matters. The only things that matter are what you give your time and attention to.

While we are alive we might as well have the best time; we can while here.

The most important thing I learned when I adopted Nihilism is a man does not need a belief system to define what makes you happy and gives meaning to your life.

Meaning can be found through pursuing goals and improving one’s life through whatever area of focus or motivation that you deem worthwhile and worth following.

As always thanks for reading.