Spread and De-structure

You should be using the spread operator.

And moreover you should be excited about using it in your JavaScript! It abstracts away individual items in a collection and makes it easier to reason about passing multiple arguments to functions, or destructing arrays.

Quick overview

const names = ['oscar', 'elmo', 'big bird', 'burt', 'ernie']
const sayHi = (leadRole, ...otherCharacters) => {
console.log(`hi ${oneName}`)
for (let o of otherCharacters) {
console.log('and hello ', o);
sayHi('Big Bird', ...names) // 'hi Big Bird', 'hello oscar', 'hello elmo' etc

MDN has some examples, too that are not Sesame Street themed.


You can use the spread operator to destructure an array:

const [colors, ...hues] = ['orangered', 'cornflowerblue', 'bisque']
colors     // --> 'orangered'
hues // --> 'cornflowerblue', 'bisque'

The spread operator is a handy and elegant tool to use when processing collections. Using it to destructure an array alleviates the concern over how each item is processed, and allows for handling dynamic collections.

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