18 Pieces of Truly Terrible Advice to Ignore in 2018

“No enemy is worse than bad advice.” — Sophocles

In case you’re already tired of the cliche New Year’s advice that’s floating around the internet, take a brief moment to enjoy 18 of the truly worst advice that society has to offer this New Year season…

“You should take off your shirt so you don’t get bacon grease on it.”

“Show them who’s the boss.”

“Just follow your heart.”

“Lettuce has no nutritional value.”

“You should dye your hair.”

“Let’s watch The Room.”

“Just microwave it.”

“You can make 9/11 jokes now.”

“We should just drive through Toronto.”

“You do you.”

“Buy a house before you’re priced out of the market forever.”

“You should just wax your chest yourself.”

“Here, drink this.”

“You don’t need to wear sunscreen until your 40.”

“Reading Moby Dick is absolutely worth your time.”

“You can make it, hit the gas.”

“Don’t practice, it’ll be more spontaneous.”

“Smell this.”

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