The One Piece of Writing Every Hillary Supporter Should Read
Memo Salazar

I think if you were being fair, you’d point out that after lobbying for universal healthcare — which isn’t slow change but was somewhat radical, Sec. Clinton then doubled back and created S-CHIP, which was after Medicare/Aid and until the ACA literally the most meaningful piece of health insurance change in the country’s history. If you were being fair, you’d contrast this to Bernie who, ironically, attacks Hillary for not supporting universal healthcare. This contrast — trying big and then trying again and getting things done — versus talking big and then getting nothing done, is at the core of this election. As is what I will generously call your… mistaken omissions or undersells — you start the piece noting that Hillary affected meaningful change on the WalMart board in terms of the environment and then brush it off saying it wouldn’t affect their bottom line. Really? Dramatic process changes to everything from shipping logistics to lighting in the stores doesn’t cost money? Okay… but then you end her section by saying she ignores the environment. Here she is on a Board 30 years ago talking about the environment, DOING something about it, and just like Bernie accusing her of not caring about Single Payer, you literally contradict yourself within the span of a few paragraphs about her commitment to the environment. This all to say, I don’t think you’re being fair, and in that, I don’t frankly believe you’re being terribly honest. Hillary was fighting for AND affecting change since Bernie was a couch-surfing carpenter, and while reasonable people can disagree about their opinions, your contentions that she hasn’t gotten things done is at best incomplete, especially compared to Sanders, whose three bills in a quarter-century in Washington included two to rename post offices.

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