Visiting the World’s End, Chile

Looking to travel to see some of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders? Are you looking to go somewhere different, secluded, and truly peaceful? If you are looking to marvel at nature and its diverse attractions, visit Chile in South America. Because of the South American country’s unusual shape and size, Chile sits within the scope of diverse geographical and ecological terrains. In terms of climate, it’s range is really overarching, ranging from very warm in the north, to very cold in the south. Amazingly in Chile, one can see and feel a different season all in the same month! However because of its unusual length, it can be a very difficult country to see in its entirety. Although its natural attractions are almost innumerable, one can visit the most important sites region by region. Using and, below is a compiled list of just some of the many different places you can visit while sightseeing in the South American nation. The trek may be long, but the experiences will surely be worth it.

Northern Region

San Pedro de Atacama, and the Atacama Desert

With an average rainfall of 15 mm per year, the Atacama Desert brands itself as the driest place in the world. In some regions, zero rainfall has been recorded since rainfall measurements first took place in the late 19th century. Within the desert, there are various destinations you can visit, including various salt flats, hot springs, geysers, and of course, Valle de la Luna. After millennia of water and wind erosion, mounds of rock and salt have formed to create Valle de la Luna, creating a spectacular natural site similar to the landscape of Mars. Because the Atacama Desert has some of the clearest skies in the world, it is also the perfect place to stargaze in the southern hemisphere.

Central Region

Elqui Valley (Wine and Pisco County)

The heart of Chile, Chile’s central region is where most of the nation’s population, commerce, and politics are centered. However, it holds some of Chile’s most distinctive landscapes and fertile lands. An innumerable amount of vineyards and farmlands sprinkle Chile’s central Valley, acting as one of the nation’s most important economic sources. Of course, the central valley is home to Chile’s world-renowned wineries. The vineyards create a lush, picturesque, and dazzling patchwork of greenery that few regions can rival. Visit ANY of the popular wine and pisco valleys in this region and enjoy the natural tastes of Chile.

Los Lagos

Frutillar, Chiloe Island

Probably Chile’s most picturesque region, Los Lagos is composed of thousands of great lakes and rough mountain ranges. It is the entrance to Chile’s Patagonian region, encompassing lakes, rivers, pampa, thick forests, mountains, and steppes. The climate is Valdivian Temperate Rainforest, which is characterized by its thick green forests, wild vegetation, heavy rainfalls, and foggy conditions. While you’re in Los Lagos Region, visit Chiloe Island, the largest island in the Chiloe archipelago. It’s small, quaint fishing-centered villages, and unique flora and fauna make it a must see destination for anyone hoping to temporarily escape their own chaotic world.

Southern Region (Patagonia) -

Torres Del Paine, Tierra del Fuego,

Although the geography gets more difficult to navigate through, the sceneries seemingly get more beautiful as the lush green landscapes further north are traded in for the green, blue, and white landscapes of the Patagonian region. Visit Torres del Paine National Park, where the three distinctive granite peaks of the Paine mountain range tower above crystal blue and turquoise lakes. It is truly a magnificent site to see. The southernmost provinces of the Patagonian region are largely made up of archipelagos and island chains, giving tourists and visitors wonderful opportunities to travel via boat, ferry, and even canoe. Site see at Isla Magdalena, a natural habitat of Penguins and other types of marine animals. When you’re finished there, stop at Tierra Del Fuego, the world’s last settled spot before reaching Antarctica.

There’s so much to do in this magnificent country that plenty has been left out of this list. You might be asking where are Easter Island, Chile’s premier beaches, and ski destinations on this list? Look for more blog posts where we’ll revisit this spectacular South American country again, and cover some of those very awesome sites. Until then, thanks for reading!

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