The Yin Yang of Social Interactions

Today I’m talking about this idea called energy and how it can affect things such as social and business relationships. One thing about this idea of a persons ‘energy’ is that it can be perceived in many different ways but we can all agree in most cases that it is either positive or negative.

In general if you bring positive energy you will attract people and get positive results and the opposite is true for negative energy most of the time. Different behaviors one might exhibit to bring forth positive energy is to smile, have a cheery upbeat tone in your voice and mannerisms, listen to positive music, and read books about positive subjects. In general, surrounding yourself with positive people places and things will make you have more positive energy and then you will naturally exhibit behaviors that bring forth positive energy. The same is true for negative things so it is best to exclude yourself from people places and things that are negative.

Another thing I have noticed about energy is that people sometimes tend to mimic the energy of those around them. For example, if you are uncomfortable when talking to an attractive young woman then she is going to sense that and become uncomfortable too. Or if you are afraid and begin to panic because of a spider on the ceiling, others around you may start panicking as well even if they are not afraid of spiders.

The key to energy is to use this knowledge to your advantage. One way to do this is by giving. When you give to others they are inspired to return the favor even if its only a small favor or a simple compliment or word of encouragement or giving free lessons on your guitar. When you give to people it attracts them to you so when the time comes whenever you need a favor or you want them to check out your business or you want a ride to school because your car is in the shop etc. those people will be far more likely to give back. Always GIVE. It doesnt mean you have to empty your pockets for strangers all the time it just means you need to give some kind of value to others even if its something as simple as a birthday card and a smile.

That’s just one example of using positive energy to your advantage. Thanks for reading.

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