What I Did in January 17' for My T-shirt Business

At the end of January, I had made the decision to work on purely brand awareness specifically on Instagram. I made a Facebook page and ran some ads, but offering enough content to have people follow a Facebook page is something I still need to figure out. Instagram on the other hand serves as a better platform for apparel (Not including FB ads).

I looked at all the popular lifestyle tee companies and I don’t really see Facebook pages just ads. I will definitely get into it shortly though.

In January, I had around 44 followers on Instagram. I made the goal to reach 75 by the end of January, which left me about a week to get 31 more followers. I know, with so many spam accounts and follow backs, you probably could get that in a day. The point here was to get on a solid posting frequency and commit to a small goal for my business every day.

I did some googling and tried to find out when the best time to post was. I assume this will be different for different industries, but I needed a starting point. I found out 12PM and 5PM EST were the best times because I GUESS lunch breaks and when people get off from work are the times they take a peek at their phones. So I started posting at least one quote a day and if I had some apparel pictures, I posted twice a day.

To gain more followers?

Plan: Use hashtags to find the people who seem to be interested in what my brand stands for AKA #love, #couples, #commitment, etc. Follow them, like pictures, and comment. I also DM’d most of the people who followed back and thanked them for showing support.

I posted at least one quote with a theme every day of the week. Occasionally, I would post apparel pictures and I plan to post fans wearing the apparel as soon as I get the ball rolling. I am currently at 122 followers with the goal set at, 150 for February!