Charlottesville: A Serious Note

I haven’t been very active on politics since Donald Trump took office, but I feel as though it is time for me to say something once again.

First point being, as a human being, I’m disgusted. Donald Trump has created a society of supremacy, intolerance, and violence. He has preached violence, and always condemned the lesser fortunate. He sat in his gold tower and poured money into Wall Street and his political agenda and as events unfolded, he is now the leader of the FREE world. We let this happen, too many times, we have sat idly by as one leader transferred power to the next, saying to ourselves, “My vote doesn’t matter, my stance doesn’t matter,”

It does matter.

We let this man into the highest office in the nation, and one of the highest in the world. We now live in a nation where nazi’s, nationalists, and white supremacists are free to roam the streets and preach hate and spread violence to every community within this nation’s walls, leading to the death of a woman in Charlottesville and COUNTLESS others that died in vain because of their ethnicity, color, or simply fighting the good fight by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. These murderers, and intolerable humans stood behind flags, veils, and badges and were given pardon countless times. Donald Trump and his administration are to blame. His supporters are to blame. And he and his advisors have let this unfold with no consequences.

It is crucial for everyone, especially white people, and even more especially white men, to stand up, act and speak against these acts of terror as well as this man and all he represents. I truly hope this evil will be brought to true justice, but evil prevails when good men (and women) fail to act. Apathy and ignorance to the subject are as critical as supporting it. Be kind, be civil, and give love to one another and keep fighting the good fight.

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