I’m Joining PrecisionHawk

I’m joining PrecisionHawk, a leader in developing and integrating commercial drone technology! As the business’s first Campaigns Marketing Manager, I’ll be building a global branding and product marketing program.

I chose PrecisionHawk because their mission aligns with my own. The organization is augmenting businesses’ ability to gather and analyze data. For food systems, it drives larger yields. For energy systems, it identifies opportunities for greater efficiency. It helps governments better serve their constituents. In driving the adoption of drone technology, PrecisionHawk is affecting positive change not just for its clients, but for the world.

They’re committed to removing barriers to adoption, too. PrecisionHawk has partnered with NASA and the FAA to develop a traffic management system for drones. It’s making our skies safer and clearing a path for innovation in a nascent and promising technology segment.

PrecisionHawk is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, with locations in Australia, Europe, and Argentina. I start at HQ on July 24th.

Thanks to the team at Centerline Digital. I’ll miss your grit, talent, and impeccable sense of style!