To Men In Relationships:

Buy her flowers from the mom and pop florist down the street. Leaver her little handwritten yellow post-it notes in unsuspecting places. Surprise her.

Don’t do it just because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Do it just because.

Do it on February 20. Or March 16. Or July 9.

Surprise her with a homemade four-course candle lit dinner on your best crappy Ikea chinaware, complete with wine pairings, even if you can’t cook for shit.

Surprise her with a spontaneous drive to the beach after a Thursday night movie date. Or a walk down the street on a rainy day.

Surprise her by turning your phone off for the night and giving her your wholehearted attention. No Facebook. No Instagram. Just face-to-face connection.

Write her a handwritten note on three-ring lined notebook paper—the kind you used in high school. Send it to her in the mail. Even if you don’t know how.

Let her sleep in while you sneak out of the apartment to the grocery store. Cook her favorite breakfast. Let her wake up to the smell of coffee and bacon.

Don’t just text her. Pick up the fucking phone. Call just to say hi.

Don’t just tell her she’s sexy. Tell her she’s gorgeous when she isn’t wearing any makeup. Make her feel beautiful after she returns home from the gym, sweaty and feeling gross.

Don’t just do it because it’s Valentine’s Day.

Do it just because.