Dealers and OEMs that Quickly Make Strategic Shifts in Customer Experience Will Survive in the Short Term and Thrive in the Future.

A national emergency has been declared and most retailers have still not taken significant measures to mitigate the risks of an infectious disease outbreak. OEMs and other B2B firms are scrambling to navigate through work-from-home and travel policies. But what should dealers do? Automotive, powersports, RV and other dealerships are simply not prepared for a pandemic. No one saw this coming. But it’s not too late to get organized and do the right thing.

The Post-Coronavirus Era


During the Q4 2019 earnings report Tuesday, Harley Davidson reported they earned 55,000 net new riders during 2019. Harley-Davidson’s More Roads objective of 4 million riders by 2027 means they need to accelerate that pace to almost 130,000 net new Harley riders per year. With 10 million motorcycling households in the U.S. today, they understand how critical it is to convert non-riders that are curious about two-wheel riding. They must become more effective at removing barriers for potential riders among the ranks of American youth and young adults.

Pictured: Harley Davidson STACYC Electric Balance Bike
Pictured: Harley Davidson STACYC Electric Balance Bike

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) is taking a more holistic approach to…

Toy Story introduced the franchise’s most prolific character yet in Toy Story 4 with the debut of Duke Caboom. Keaunu Reves plays the animated character Caboom who is the Canadian version of Evel Knievel.

Caboom is a motorcycle stunt rider toy that does not land jumps as advertised. Caboom’s insecurities stem from criticism that he crash-lands jumps. However, at the climax of the movie, Woody’s friend, Bonnie pumps Caboom up with an encouraging exchange.

“Who’s the Kunuk with all the luck?”, asks Bonnie.

“Caboom!”, replies Duke Caboom.

“Who’s the greatest of the Great White North?”

“Duke Caboom!”

“Who’s the most…

Compare AIM Expo 2019 (American International Motorcycle Expo held in Columbus, Ohio September 25–29, 2019) to Indy Motorcycle Dealer Expo in 2009 and we see a microcosm of the evolving powersports landscape and consumer behavior trends. My participation in AIM this past week gives me renewed optimism for opportunities over the coming decade for current and future powersports enthusiasts as well as the dealers, distributors and OEMs that adapt and focus on executing a customer-centered strategy.

AIM Expo 2019 (Columbus, Ohio) was different than the Indy Motorcycle Dealer Expo that many of us remember in the 2000s and early 2010s…

Alaska is the great frontier; a paradise for hard core adventure seekers. This is why adrenaline junkies like Paul Hughes and John McGinnis thrive operating a powersports dealership that epitomizes the passion for adventure.

They thrive by helping customers experience what they love, exploring the epic Alaska frontier.

Powersports Business is About Emotions

In the fall of 1997, Paul Hughes and Justin Jones founded Eagle River Polaris LLC, a Polaris ATV and snowmobile dealership. Today, Hughes is the sole managing member of the dealership backed by a team that has worked hard to ensure their customers have unforgettable riding experiences…

Las Vegas, NV — As BRP announced new 2020 Can-Am and Sea-Doo models at their 2020 Dealer Show and Product Launch in Las Vegas, NV, they also added a premier off-road dealer in Southern Utah, D & P Performance.

D & P Performance in Cedar City, Utah is know for it’s founder Dean Bulloch earning podiums for racing the products his dealership sells. Dean Bulloch is a household name at his backyard race, the King of Hammers. …

Although the illustrious beginnings of Arctic Cat occurred before my time, my personal experience as an Arctic Cat Consumer, Arctic Cat dealer and Arctic Cat corporate leader gives me a unique perspective on the history, current state and possible future state of Arctic Cat.

Edgar Hetteen, founder of Polaris, launched Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls, Minnesota after leaving Polaris behind. The legend of Arctic Cat was born in 1960 and the story continues today with innovative snowmobiles that float, climb and carve through feet of snow. The iconic brand is beloved across multigenerational families that bleed green. …

Jared Burt

Jared Burt is CEO & Founder of Hero Hub®. Jared is the former owner/operator of a powersports dealership and leader at a powersports OEM. Twitter @jrdbrt

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