Please stop telling me to be happy.
Jennie Rose Halperin

I love the way you spent additional time and effort not only thinking through the tone of the communication conceptually, but actually stuck with the prinicple of respecting the user. I have found many times in my web design career that businesses don’t always understand how to respect (or even value respecting at all!) the customer they are talking to in an online setting. The kind of tricks they are confortable with sometimes is troubling to me, and I’ve often had to become an advocate for the user to get them to fix that button, or link, or ad, or what-have-you so that it doesn’t just seriously piss people off. That’s not always easy to promote when clickbait-y tricks abound all over the web and unfortunately those clickthroughs do happen.

At any rate, you’ve illustrated a seemingly small but hugely important aspect of online communication and I appreciate it. ☺

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