2017 sucked as a year but yet…

2017, what a year in so many bad ways. From a national perspective we’ve moved backwards, professionally things haven’t all been rosy, and on the personal front I almost died (rafting), I’ve had some health issues and so have members of my family. This was one of the worst years of my life, but I’m a glass half full person. Some amazing things happened this year for me; memories and experiences that will stay with me and shape who I become. Here’s a few:

My daughter: Brooke turned one this year and gets more awesome by the day. She has her own, distinct personality now — and the best part of my day is seeing her face light up. I heard her say her first words, take her first step, dunk a basketball, dribble a soccer ball, ride a bike, and climb the stairs. We have our own silly games we play and as much of an influence I have been to her she’s been an order of magnitude more to me. She’s helped me reprioritize, develop a more robust value system, and motivated & energized me.

A few images from the trip

Three-peat to Maui: I am unbelievably privileged person and was able to go to the island of Maui for the third year in a row. Maui’s paradise and I recognize how fortunate I am to be able to go three years in a row. Now, I need to figure out how to make it financially feasible to go for a month every year.

40 Under 40 photo shoot, Portland Business Journal

Portland’s 40 Under 40: I do important work and do it well. I don’t consider myself an important person I have the fortune of working with people who are both important and of the highest character. Some of them thought enough of my work to nominate me.

Cheering on Man City

Man City: Since I didn’t have enough sports in my life I adopted another team. Manchester City in the English Premier League is that team and they’re awesome. Currently they are running away with the Premier League title, won their Champions’ League Group, and are still alive in the FA and League Cups.

2nd Annual March Madness Friday: Speaking of sports, watching 16 basketball games, day drinking and doing it with friends. We did it for the second year so it is now an official tradition. Best moment from the day in 2017 was when 15 of us stood up at a crowded bar to go to the TV showing the tip off of a game no one cared about because everyone was in on a prop bet of who would win the opening tip.

You and many others who aren’t reading: People make this trip around the sun worth it. Those of you I’ve met, worked with, talked to and laughed with inspire, fulfill me and make this life worth living. Keep being you, pursuing your interests and making things a little bit better in the process.

My dog Blixen: When I first met her it was 2003 and she was a 27 pound dog on the frame of a dog that should weigh 50. She was severely malnourished, scared, yet so sweet. She’s been with me since, has turned into a joyfully plump lady as we’ve traveled across the country and through the 14 years together she’s been with me. Life is hard for her and if I’m being realistic, my recap next year will almost certainly include her passing. But she still enjoys so many aspects of life and has beat the odds before so who knows!

My Wife: I wanted to bookend this piece with two of the three most important women in my life. Mary has been a rock for me when I needed it. Not only making sure I had what I needed, but also ensuring Brooke has everything she needs and more.

Yes, some of the worst and most difficult events in my lifetime happened in 2017, but the year was full of joy I couldn’t have imagined a year ago. Someone smarter than me shared their perspective on life years ago, saying each year was the new best year of his life. With that sentiment in mind, I’m looking forward to what 2018 brings — all the changes, happiness and new experiences. And, I’m glad I get to spend a piece of it with all of ya’ll.

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