Fixing the NBA All-Star Game

The NBA All-Star game was yesterday and it sucked. 374 points were scored and it was BORING. Sure, maybe it’s just that I have fully become part of the “get off my lawn” crowd. Even if I have, I have a better way of doing the All-Star game.

First, the All-Star game does a lot right. They rotate cities, bring multiple events to the host city, and get the best 24 basketball players in the world together for one game. That’s one heck of a start, but unfortunately the game itself is not compelling basketball. Hockey’s approach is intriguing but there’s opportunity to go further. The NBA has a weekend of events, before the 3-point shooting contest have all All-Stars compete in knockout to select 4 captains. Then, let the 4 captains pick their teams after the 3-Point shooting contest. You have 4 teams of 6 players each, now what? 6 man teams each 2 six minute halves (total = one regulation NBA quarter) vs. one other. The two losing teams play each other in a consolation game (same rules). Then, the two winning teams play each other in the championship game.

So, why does this work better? The Knockout competition and draft are gimmicks, but fun ones. The real reason this works better in one word, competition. Players hate to lose, so no one wants to lose twice in a All-Star game. That consolation game will be a battle. Another reason, you get three games in the same amount of time as one game.

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