Create So Much They Can’t Ignore You
Alex Mathers

How to Create So Much They Can’t Ignore You

Alex Mathers, I couldn’t agree more.

Brandon Stanton, who founded Humans of New York is really good inspiration along these lines.

He didn’t sit down one day and say, “I want to create a massive social media following of pictures of people in New York!”

Instead, he moved to New York and figured that if he made an almost un-achievable goal of taking and posting 10,000 photos, that somewhere along the way people would notice and he would make enough money to get by.

So, he set out on the journey and stumbled into an international movement. He grew in his skills and started to gain and enormous following.

All because he, as you said, created so much they couldn’t ignore him.

I wrote about his story here. It was a big inspiration for me:

Love the illustrations by the way!