Simple Truths From an Educator in the Wild

As I sit here and contemplate all the things that have happened over the last few weeks in the world, I find my mind naturally wandering through time; it’s in my nature. I am a person who all at once understands that time is an illusion whilst simultaneously spending a great deal of my time floating around in it, reminiscing about (and sometimes regretting) the past, admonishing myself for the present, and giving too much power to a future that I can’t control. If you are like me then these words are especially for you, but you must have ears to hear them. I am not going to regale you with huge visions of the future; there will be time for that at some point, and it will be hugely necessary. What I instead would like to do is to present you with some simple truths that I think we could all use as we go forward.

Jared Fritzinger is an educator from Virginia Beach, VA who explores uncommon educational pathways at his website Education in the Wild.

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