Why Twitter is cool if you’re famous and sucks if you’re not

So this is going to be a short story. Maybe not even a story but rather an observation I had the other day.

For us mere mortals, our voice doesnt carry much weight. If I were to go tweet that Bush did 911, I may get a response from an angered induvidual or even a like from people who beleive in Area 51. Conversely, we all know the trouble celebrities get themselves into when they put something on social media that causes the world to shift on its axis.

This brings me to Twitter. Twitter sucks if you not famous. Nobody ever reads my carefully constructed 140 charachter dopamine snacks, well except for my mom (Shoutout to my ma). Human beings work on incentives, celebrities may tweet to get a reaction or cause a stir but to be honest, my tweets cause no change in the atmophere. So why on earth should I carry on doing it !

You may have seen recently that Twitter is fast loosing market share to Facebook and other communications platforms. One analyst succinctly puts it that “Everyone who ever needed twitter already has it.” So what is actually keeping Twitter alive?

Its the celebrities who tweet on it, not me and you. Twitter is the only platform that allows famous people to organically communicate their ideas, chat with the world and perhaps even feel like a real person. They cant do it on Facebook because their accounts are just fan pages. They register under different pseudonyms, deleveriging their celebrity Tweeting power.

Lets simulate an example. Imagine I am a famous person (LOL but No). I have Twitter and I think of something I want to say/rant about. I know for sure that its going to get exposure, heck I may even get into a nasty Twitter fight with a fellow celeb, its fucking exhilrating. I would literally just sit at home and Tweet all day! You can see how having so much power at your fingertips with the right platform really just allows celebrities to have normal conversations with each other, just with everyone else watching.

So ya thats it basically. Whats keeping Twitter alive is not how I feel about Donald Trump, Harambe and Pravin Gordhan, rather its about how someone famous feels about those three issues.

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