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I always planned to be a Social Studies teacher, even when I was a journalist by profession. Then, in my second year as a middle-school teacher, I was given the opportunity to add English Language Arts to my course-load.

It’s been a great addition to my career. I love writing, and so I love helping students develop their voices and learn to be better writers. However, being an ELA and Social Studies teacher has also re-shaped the way I think of Social Studies. …

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Screenshot of Gov. Kim Reynolds at her April 2 press briefing.

COVID-19 has changed our society in ways we won’t begin to fully understand for months or years. But one of the most immediate changes to our daily lives has been the fact that each and every one of us has become an amateur epidemiologist.

There are a lot of interesting manifestations and implications of this, but one of the most interesting cases in recent days has been taking place in my home state of Iowa.

During a press briefing on Thursday, Gov. Kim Reynolds explained why she’s one of a small minority of governors who have so far declined to issue a shelter-in-place order. There are many possible reasons a governor might want to avoid such an order, but Reynolds insisted that her decision was not based on politics or practicality. …

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When Chanel Rion, a television personality who attends White House press briefings on behalf of the One America News Network, asked President Trump this week whether the term “Chinese food” was racist, someone left a passive-aggressive question on her desk in the press room.

The jab made the rounds on social media, creating an opportunity to vent frustration about what passes as journalism these days. However, the question posed by the anonymous pamphleteer is actually a good one that should be top-of-mind for all journalists these days. Every journalist ought to be asking herself or himself,

How does our coverage of COVID-19 help halt the spread of the virus? …


Jared Kaltwasser

Writer and Journalist |

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