Stop Playing it Safe and Start Telling Your Story!

How many of you don’t incorporate your own personal story into your business story? What are your excuses and reasons for not doing it?

Is it that you think your story isn’t interesting? Do you think it’s not relevant to your business? Do you think people won’t care about what you have to say? Do you think you’re being egotistical by talking about yourself in the context of your business?

These are just some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs and business owners make. And what are the consequences?

The consequences can be dire. You fail to connect with your audience. You fail to get your core message across. You fail to reach more people. You fail to grow your business. You fail to make people care about what it is you’re doing.

And all because you were too humble, or too safe, or too afraid to tell a real story.

You’re doing something great for the world, something deeply moving, something that is going to make people’s lives better, and yet your marketing and messaging is just full of boring information about how great your product or service is.

Where’s the authenticity? Where’s the vulnerability? Where’s the stuff that people are actually going to care about?

People don’t want information — they want to see themselves in your product or service. They want to have a compelling reason to connect with you and be associated with what you’re doing.

Stop playing it safe. Stop writing and speaking and thinking like you’re not trying to sell something that is going to change the world.

You’re better than that. You deserve more. We deserve more. The people and communities you’re trying to help deserve more.

We all need to hear your stories. They’re not unimportant. They’re critical. Without them, you will not have the impact you desire. Period.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s hear your story.

- — — -

As the founder and chief storyteller at Storytelling for Good, I help mission-driven folks tell their stories better so they can grow their business and connect more deeply with their audience. Learn more here.