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Jared Kim
Jul 31, 2018 · 2 min read

Hi everyone,

I’ve been been under the radar about Forge for some time, but I’m excited to finally share the news on something that has been in the works for a while. Today I’m happy to announce that Forge has been acquired by NZXT, a leader in the PC gaming hardware space known for their much-loved cases, lighting accessories, cooling systems, and more recently, their BLD service that builds and ships custom gaming PCs in 48 hours.

I’ve become good friends with Johnny Hou, the CEO & founder of NZXT, over the years thanks to a random introduction through a mutual friend (Thanks Kevin Li!). As we spent more time together, it became apparent that by joining forces we could build something even bigger than we had both originally set out to create. As part of the acquisition, the entire Forge team is joining NZXT to lead some major software initiatives that will incorporate the expertise and technology we’ve built over the years. We are psyched to be a part of the NZXT family and to continue building great products for the PC gaming community.

It’s been a long 5+ year journey for me and the team at Forge. I’d like to thank my team, the Forge community, investors, advisors, friends, and family who supported (and put up with :) me through the highs and the lows over the years. I’m staying in San Francisco for now, but I’ll be spending a lot more time in sunny Los Angeles where NZXT is headquartered.

– Jared

You can read the official press release here:

If you are a Forge user, you can read about what’s happening to Forge here:

Jared Kim

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Jared Kim

CEO of @Forge. I love food, startups, video games, and my Havanese pup WALL·E :)

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