Emotions and Networks

A short story about surfing the Internet

Once existed a mad man, who printed papers. These papers used to weigh gold. It wasn’t long after, that their weight was untold. These papers are green, big, and shinny to some, and not so for others. These papers are known as dollars.

Dollars, dollars, dollars.

Which exist merely to garner one’s attention. To search for where two hands meet and shake. Sometimes it works. It all depends if you take the bait.

Website.com has become a community of hunters and gatherers, which are involved in a market of emotions and dollars; the fist fight of the century.

Website.com should be called how-to-x.com. “How to x,” is nothing more than redundant bombardment. This sort of bombardment is often known as marketing. Again and again, it’s done with speed and precision. Ready your arms.

I see said the blind man.

Like others, Person A is exhausted with overcompensation or vulnerability, and is in need. They bicker about themselves. Finally, they can’t stand the truth in which they know, and crawl to Website.com where they can trade their broken battery in for a newer, shinier one; seems honest enough. They look high and low, and later bump into a strange voice. A voice that replaces their void with ideas, which causes things to fester momentarily. They experience an energetic wave of emotion, and realize that everything will go.

Time and time again, they trade several minutes of their life for junk food, which pulsates through their brain. Like a sugar buzz, it comes and goes, quick to dissipate. Soon they find a string of characters, which enables them to surf the globe. In an instant, they’re gone, off, off, they go.

Occasionally, something good surfaces. Although, later things repeat themselves.

Once more, off into the world wide web they go.