Mighty №9’s Second Chance
Logan Busbee

Comcept tried way too hard to launch an IP before they had a game. Unfortunately, you can’t launch a franchise with a crappy game. When you look at Mighty №9, you don’t get the impression that a lot of time, money, or effort was put into it.

The most tragic thing about this whole thing is that Inti Creates’ Mighty Gunvolt Burst has to do a lot of legwork to get people to want to play their game. Nobody trusts Inafune or the Mighty №9 name anymore, so being saddled with it is a shame for Inti to have to endure. They’ve made the better game by far, but I think a lot of people will be particularly wary of anything associated.

I don’t expect we’ll ever see the Vita or 3DS ports on №9, and I hope they just cancel them at this point. It’s time for them to move on.

Comcept was bought by Level-5 this year, which is probably a good sign. They have a great track record, and have a lot of experience working on games of every scale. I am optimistic about the future for Red Ash with the guidance they’re getting this time around.

Let’s just hope they’ve learned their lesson and put the game first.

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