The Most Popular Overwatch Heroes of Season 5 (So Far)

Season 5 of Overwatch Competitive Play is just getting underway, and already there’s some interesting trends going on this time around. I pulled together some stats from the Top 100 Overwatch players so far this season (averaged across all three platforms) and had a little bit of fun. Above, you can see that of the top 100 players, a whopping 47% are using Soldier: 76 in their ranked matches, making him the most popular player this season. Tracer comes in second, with 38/100, and Roadhog sits in third with about 32/100.

Here’s a breakdown for the rest of the heroes featured on the Top 100:

If you were surprised to see Winston all the way down at the #10 spot, there’s a good chance you’re a PC player. Turns out a few heroes have substantially different play rates between console and PC. Here’s a few that stood out to me:

Anyway, it’s still very early in this season, and the numbers will most likely change quite a bit before it’s over. Still, it’s interesting to see these kinds of trends cropping up in stats.

I made a comprehensive popularity chart by platform through 6/2/17, in case you wanted to delve into any of it:

But honestly, if there’s one important piece of information to glean from these figures, it’s this: