Ah, technology. Since man first began banging rocks on other rocks we’ve contemplated the long-lasting affects that technology has on us both as individuals and society as a whole. As technology has advanced further and computers have been adopted into our everyday lives, humans have developed a stronger reliance on our devices maintaining our information for us, and relying on ourselves less and less.

You don’t need to memorize your friend’s birthday because Facebook will remind you. Need to drop off your dry cleaning later? Untie that string around your finger and just tell Siri to remind you! …

Solving design problems in virtual reality will require a different method of thinking than what most of us UX designers are used to.

Take our old friend the QWERTY keyboard. Currently, most VR users aren’t sitting down at their desks and doing office work, but as with most technologies, VR will normalize and work its way into offices and workspaces everywhere. These new workspaces will be designed to be less reliant on traditional 2D interfaces and replaced with more natural gestures and physical inputs, but we still need ways to type.

There are already a lot of VR keyboards, but…

Jared Lodwick

Designer. Innovative tech. Working on Augmented Reality Facebook Reality Labs. Have made things at Samsung, Viv, Chase, Hale, and more.

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