Blog #2 — Am I a Subject or an Object?

I really don’t know if I am a subject or an object, but the voice in my head screams that I could pass as both.

One point that made me realize that I could be both is that I’m flexible, I don’t label or view myself as a Subject or an Object but I subconsciously become one of these depending on the situation.

Making decisions have never really been my forte, I just do whichever I think is right. But by time, my thoughts and actions makes me think, that I should act my age and think maturely. This doesn’t mean every life decision has been a gamble, but it also means I haven’t been avoiding them because the thrills in life can also be present, either. Because while things like uncertainty go hand-in-hand with tough decisions, I’ve learned this doesn’t necessarily make them bad.

Another activity was given by our professor, whereas we were instructed to answer several questions that would have an implications to whether or not we are an Object or a Subject. The results that appeared after the activity is that I was leaning more on being the Object of my life.

But then again I ask myself “Am I really the Object?”, my answer to that is I don’t really know at this point of my life. I can be the Object where I give out instructions and decide for myself and for others, I can also be the Subject in which I follow what the community asks me to be. Only time will tell but for now I’m nearing the point of which I consider myself to be an Object.

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