Critical Essay #2: Pop Culture (Tupac-Changes)

I have been fascinated about the message that a song brings and the idea concealed in its lyrics, and for this critical essay I will try to impart my knowledge regarding one striking issue, racial discrimination of the blacks through pop culture of music. I find it interesting whenever I see a black person and have this thought in my head that they are very talented and versatile. Not too long ago there was prejudice put on to them, labeling them as outcasts in the society. But in the contemporary it has changed, individuals have been molded to accept them for who they are and right now we live in the era that we live harmoniously with them. In the showbiz industry, the singers and actors, through sports and its athletes, and Politics, one of the most powerful men on earth have roots of the blacks, the President of the United States. Proving my point on how versatile and talented they are.

The song Changes by Tupac Shakur have accounts that could tell us how bad it was at their time a few decades ago. The title itself refers to how they feel and what they want to achieve about their community before, I can only imagine how oppressed the Black community was before having the stigma that they are gangsters and promoters of violence. The verse “Cops give a damn about a negro, pull the trigger, kill a nigga, he’s a hero” proves my premise that they are sought to be bad influences in the society, and whenever the police back then killed one they are regarded as heroes. The whites deemed blacks to be part of the lowest forms in the society, and that the conservatives “racist faces” are holding the world back. It has come to the point that the song tried to give up uttering verses “That’s just the way it is” but knowing the background of Tupac, he advocated through his talent of rapping the fight against discrimination of his race. He had the idea that instead of the hate towards his race, they should place their hate towards the greater issues that are pressing the society, rather than putting hate not only to their race but also to others.

In the latter part of the song there is a sign for hope, Shakur explained that to make the world better, we should erase the evil. Being optimistic he promoted that the time is now to take a stand and that they needed change, he also hinted how heaven sent a black president to rule them eventually and true enough the first black president in the USA was elected. As we see today we have accepted them already and slowly the stigma have been eradicated and removed, for no one in society should be labeled. Relating it to the pop culture, most of the upcoming artists respect Tupac Shakur as one of the pioneers of singing with a meaning, molding them to put substance on the music that they make. I am very hopeful not only to the blacks, but to all other races that in due time our world would be a better place to live in promoting equality to all.

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