Critical Essay #3: Spaces

Most people encounter trials and problems throughout their daily lives, and to them one way of trying to conquer the problem is by looking for something, may it be someone, a place to think or release their stress to, or maybe their comfort zone all of these could try to help them face these setbacks.

Through the tough times it is good for one to remove the problems that try to pull you down, facing these challenges are essential to the growth of an identity. One way to eliminate whatever problems one would face is to find their Comfort Zone or their Cultural Space. One’s comfort zone is where one feels good about them, that they have the feeling of contentment and mental security. It is where you could be who you are as you become happy, with low anxiety and stress not being in your way. When these factors are obtained we could all think properly and try to resolve whatever is in our way.

Besides my family and God, and other stress-relieving things that I do such as doing art through photoshop, listening to hiphop music, eating, etc. the one thing that I consider to be my go-to comfort zone would be the gym or a basketball court. More often the not if I get stressed or encounter something that would try to put me down, instead of getting mad and stressed about an issue, I would pour out these pressures in the gym and through playing basketball. I requested when I was young that I wanted to have a court made in our house, and that turned out to be something great. Keeping in mind that I could not run away from the burden, I would also take the opportunity to think and devise a plan on how I would confront it. Managing my stress through working out have done great wonders not only for me but also to my acads, my work ethic, my family, friends and the list goes on. You get to achieve the body that you want but also it addresses the problems that you face.

Being positive about facing your problems would be beneficial for an individual, you have an optimistic view on life and through this perception you would not let any problems drown you or take you down. With the help of your space it would only promote balance in your life creating a sanctuary whenever you feel inferior or less about yourself, you could run there and evaluate how you are to manage the issues that you will face.

Connecting it with the course there is relevance of politics with our everyday lives, that in most situations that we encounter one could tell how politics affects us as a person. Throughout life we are impacted with these types of moments that are rich with meaning and significance that in the end it would mold us to bring the best out of ourselves. You don’t always have to be right but the way you handle things would make you be the better person.