Blog #11 — Filipino Food Culture

Thanks to the show and its host Anthony Bourdain, many of our eyes, not only us locals but also internationals, were opened to the food culture of our country. The show aims to find down to earth food stalls, and quaint yet simple restaurants but the food that they serve to the public are more than what meets the eye.

The show has proven how diverse our country is, incorporating different regions in his quest to locate what the place has to offer. Our identity has much to say to the food the we eat, there were accounts in the show that some of our delicacies trace down to those of the other countries or that we have adapted to the taste of our neighbouring states.

Also our diversity as a nation was depicted through the different likeness of food per region, as per Bicolanos liking their food with gata and with a bit more spiceness to it, the Cebuanos for their lechon and the list goes on. But also stated in the short film is how Adobo tries to connect us all being it considered our national dish, then again there are various ways on how different regions prepare the dish.

The bottomline is that our political identity and standpoints in life can be proven by the different discourses in life, to the simplest form, the way we eat may have implications to who we really are.

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