What happens to record in D when you delete from A? Which takes precedence, cascade or restrict?

Scroll down for the answer.

Here’s the script:

The answer is …

The transaction fails. Restrict has precedence over cascade.

Tested in MariaDB 10.2.5

If you get postgres from brew and you need to upgrade your data directory after a minor version upgrade, here’s what worked for me:

Hope it works for you! Good luck -Jared

Consider this test assertion in Rust:

It produces this output:

All on one line, no color.

Now consider this assertion in ruby:

which produces the following output:

Isn’t that nice?

Now, this is a bit of an unfair comparison, as the ruby assertion is actually using a test framework and the Rust assertion is not. If anyone is aware of a Rust library that produces output this nice, please let me know!

Spaghetti and Meatballs, Dave Crosby (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Step 1: Measure Test Coverage

The following technique requires high test coverage.

Step 2: Identify Call Sites

Where does the default_scope get used?

We can print a stack trace whenever the default_scope is used.

Assuming high test coverage, simply run your…

Overview of new functions, thoughts on the pace of Web Standards

2013-11-17 — @jaredowenbeck

Firefox 25.0.1, released 2013-11-15, implements some exciting new ES6 functions, taking the lead in ES6 adoption among browsers according to Juriy Zaytsev’s ECMAScript 6 compatibility table.

Map and Set

The implementation of Map#forEach and Set#forEach is the most useful addition, particularly for everyday work. Map and Set are exactly what…

Install .. without verification [y/N]? N

2013-10-16 — @jaredowenbeck

The key that the PostgreSQL Global Development Group (PGDG) uses to sign its APT packages expired recently.

If you didn’t know it expired, you might get warnings from apt like:


A new key has been issued. Simply delete the expired key and install the new key from a trusted source.

Lansing, New York

2013-09-07 — @jaredowenbeck

I’m considering raising the roof on my house, changing its shape to a “shed roof”. I would be able to add another bank of windows on the south wall, increasing solar gain. Also, I just like the modern shape.

Jared Beck

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