Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me,
Amanda Deibert

I stopped reading this at this sentence “He admitted to sexual assault casually. He called Mexicans rapists. He wants to register Muslims. He is endorsed by the KKK. “

This is the entire spin put on it by the media that you all ate up while the other candidate was guilty of the nearly the same. 
1. The Billy Bush thing is BS. I personally do not talk this way, but, if you have ever been alone with a group of guys, this kind of banter is not out of the ordinary. Ladies, I have walked into some pretty lewd conversations also.

2. He did not call ALL Mexicans rapists, he said we have a lot of good AND bad people coming over the border. He was pointing out that Mexico prefers to send a lot of the bad ones back in. He did not say ALL Mexicans

3. He never said that he wants to register Muslims, he called for a temporary ban on them entering the country (referring to the migrant crisis) until our leaders can sort out the good apples from the bad apples.

4. He was endorsed by a KKK member. Do you really think he had any kind of control over that? That is like saying I am no longer a Lions fan because I have a friend that is a Bears fan.

Meanwhile, Hillary, called Blacks super-preditors, and it was under reported. Hillary has a husband with a long record of sexual abuse that goes well beyond banter. Hillary was against gay marriage, then she was for it. Hillary has a private policy, and another policy for us plebs. Hillary ran a very misandery campaign. Hillary was pretty much the most corrupt politician to ever seek the white house, and it was under-reported.

Meanwhile, anyone that supported Trump, was and is still being deemed a racist bigot. A misogynist pig. A homophobe. And anyone that wanted to engage in debate over him was immediatley dismissed as being one.

And it was built off from twisted words from the press, the DNC, and a corrupt politician. And anyone that is insulted by the fact that some people chose what they feel is the better of two crap politicians bought it all hook, line, and sinker.

So anyone that is offended by it, get your diaper pin, pin it to your chest, and wear it loud and proud. Some of us others are awake.

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