My Life be like ooh aah

This title probably means nothing to anyone, except maybe those who went to Matthew Road when Rusty was the Youth Pastor. It brought back good memories to me. Since I was probably about twelve, I wanted to have a story to tell. I had no idea what that looked at the time. Now that I am twenty-four and able to look back and actually assess what has transpired, I can really see what God has orchestrated. Oh the things I would tell my younger self, even friends and family. This blog is not something I want to use to bore or force my ideas on people, but an outlet for myself. This part of my life is new. I am finally graduating college. I just accepted my first youth/student (whatever you want to call it) ministry position at Connect Church. God has opened so many doors in my life, which seems so crazy to me. Through family death, disappointment, depression, dumb decisions, to redemption, love, and maturity, God has truly changed my life and the people around me. I have so many stories, thoughts, and questions. I have seen so many journeys that have been completed personally and in the lives of others, and some journeys are still in progress. Of course, the ultimate journey of everyone’s life is fulfilled at their death and into eternity, but the small journeys we take throughout our lives are so fascinating. Relationships, school, sports, all the exciting and difficult things we experience. I want other people to know they are not alone. Very cliche I know, but in a world where we are all connected, we tend to be disconnected. So here it goes. My goal is not to be a life changing blogger, but if its something that helps others, awesome. If it doesn’t, then it’ll just be fun for me.