Speed to Market: What’s Trending in 2019 and How to Capitalize on It

Jared VanderMeer
Feb 15, 2019 · 3 min read
Create Digital Content Faster in 2019 — Jared VanderMeer

Over the last month, I’ve been talking with a lot of clients about their content marketing strategies for 2019. There’s one theme that keeps coming up: Speed to market.

Many companies are hesitating on content creation. This is one of the largest roadblocks to effective marketing. Hesitation prevents businesses from interacting with their audiences and making an impact. Instead of creating those valuable and consistent touchpoints with audiences, they spend too much time debating what content to create and how to create it.

In 2019, it’s time to get down to work and create content that capitalized on trends and gets out in a timely fashion. Your competitors are not hesitating; they’re taking every opportunity to create incredible content with whatever they have on hand.

How to Capitalize on Trends

The greatest rule of content in 2019 is this: Use what you have on hand.

We all have access to cameras on our smartphones. So, why aren’t we using them to capture content from day to day? Each time we fail to hit record or snap a photo of a value-creating moment, we miss a valuable connection with audiences.

Capture, post, repeat. Marketing can truly be this simple — it’s just a matter of creating the habit and sticking to it.

Be Flexible with Content Creation

Start with a strong and clear vision for your marketing team. However, be sure to keep this strategy as broad as possible. If you get into the details of each post, you’ll be too slow to market to capitalize on the trends as they come and go.

Instead, outline a few goals and focus points. Then, allow your team to adapt as they need to so they can get the content out as fast as possible. Give them space for experimentation and to jump on rising trends without going through too much red tape. After all, this is 2019: The digital world moves fast, and brands need to move even faster to keep up.

Speed to Market — Jared VanderMeer

Use Trial & Error and Avoid Perfectionism

Your content is always building value for audiences.

Remember this key point when you’re capitalizing on trends for your brand. Your audience doesn’t expect perfection; they simply want to be entertained and informed with relevant content on a consistent basis. They aren’t analyzing the smallest details.

Every time we hesitate to put out content, we miss an opportunity to connect with audiences. Meanwhile, our competitors aren’t missing those opportunities. So, get your brand out there as soon as you can and as often as you can. Create these valuable touchpoints and build your brand. It might not come out perfect every time, and that’s totally fine, no one will notice. Just make sure you’re pushing forward with content as much as your resources will allow, and you’ll begin to see your brand grow faster than ever before.

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