“Well, in my country 45 years of socialism managed to achieve all that and yet somehow people keep…
Breck Murray

This isn’t the 1870s, buddy. You guys can no longer just rely on pure theory to push the Marxist agenda. The practice proves beyond any doubt that socialism in any form leads to an economic disaster. 95% of the population remain admittedly equal but also pisspoor. A homeless guy in NYC in the 1980s was better off than an average working Russian at the same time.

Also, capitalism allows you to actually change your lot if you work hard enough. Under communism, no such luck. You’ll lead a miserable life no matter how hard you try.

And, finally, communism is tyranny in irs purest form. No freedom of speech, no freedom of aseembly, no nothing. And no matter how many lies you spit out, there is nothing comparable in the West. Capitalism allowed you guys to keep criticizing it for however long you liked. Doing the same against communism would land you in jail or just with a bullet to the head.

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