How to motivate yourself and start change your life.

Jarek Sam
Jarek Sam
Mar 23, 2018 · 4 min read

Hello brothers! I want to share with you a story written by my friend James, who is a professional bodybuilder. This story really impressed and motivated me to start working on my body. Hope you will like it and will find it useful.

Source How to motivate yourself

First 3 steps to change your life!

I would like to give you some self-motivation advices based on my story. Bodybuiding is a daily routine. If you will learn how to inspire yourself daily, you will be able to achieve all your life goals!

1. Look at yourself in the mirror, evaluate your shortcomings and advantages as they are.

I was a simple skinny guy 60 kg, rather short like my father, about 170 cm tall. I wasn’t too interested in improving my shape, I was too busy studying Chemistry in the University.

My father was always telling me that I need to find the job of my life. And it would be perfect if my source of interest will help me to earn money. To be a scientist it is fantastic! Your main task is to go deeply in the questions, a lot of analytics and logic. The study of Chemistry captured me completely and I have always seen a big amount of opportunities that science may give me in the future.

Classic story, I have 2 friends, Sam and Mark. Sam was a bit taller than me, about 175 cm. He had serious excess of fat (his weight was about 100kg) and he always wanted to find weight loss motivation. Mark was same tall as me but he had better genetics, at his 25 years, he had quite great amount of muscle mass and his weight was about 69kg. We were spending a lot of time together, being focused on studying we didn’t have much time for sports.

And we did not particularly notice our physical shortcomings until we understood that the girls do not pay attention to us.

2. Define gym motivation!

What is the best self-motivation to start working on your body?

Obviously, at 25 when the last “night full of love” was a year ago while you were drunk at the party, you start to think about attraction of girls attention.

The idea of start building your body in the gym sounded too weird for us. We entered in the cheapest local gym to check the situation. Can you imagine this scene? 3 weird guys enter into the place full of huge hulks with iron and barbells in their hands. We stayed there, shocked for a minute! And then in a hurry turned back to the campus. That was our first obstacle. Three best students of the college turned into three cowardly losers.

3. Establish a psychological challenge!

To give up was too easy for us and now it wasn’t a question about how to attract girl’s attention. It was a psychological question of us. Most of the people like us who study a lot, think that those guys who spend in the gym all their life, are dumb. So if these guys are not so smart as us, why they feel so self-confident?

Next day we returned to the gym. No, we didn’t start to workout, we were looking for a person who can give us great advice. We entered into the locker room. Found the guy with the friendliest face and all together started to tell him our story. We asked him some simple questions:

What is sports about? Why men usually choose bodybuilding? And how we can become part of your team?

Of course, he laughed, actually everybody laughed. But we blocked our emotions. We have explained those guys that this is not a child game for us and we would really appreciate if somebody will introduce us into bodybuilding world.

“Bodybuilding is not only about huge muscles and perfect shape, it is about your mental health, mind control.”

And that was our main motivation quote.

To build self-confidence and learn how to control your mind- that was our first challenge.

These 3 steps are my first and the most important advice to you brother! It’s a long way but If you will pass through this, you will be able to become a winner and challenge everything!

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