Testosterone as the Key player in your body

Have you ever thought about how important is to watch testosterone levels? Being the most important hormone in male body, Testosterone and its incredible influence boost interest of billions people around the world.

The influence of Testosterone

Testosterone is a male hormone which your body produces while you are still in the womb of your mother. It has an incredible influence on growth and development of your body throughout your life. The term Testosterone is most often associated only with the sex hormone which is considered as distinguishing feature between boys and girls. However, this is not entirely true, you will be surprised but Testosterone is also present in the girls’ body, but in a much smaller number. The same we can say about female main hormone Estrogen, which is presented in male body too, but in smaller amount accordingly.

The peculiarity of Testosterone is that it affects not only the reproductive function of a person, but also the growth of the muscles and bones of a person. Thanks to testosterone, the boy turns into a man and the more this hormone is present in his body, the more his anabolic and androgenic phantoms will manifest. This means that Testosterone being an androgen controls the amount of hair on your body, your voice, the size of your muscle mass, increase of libido, it triggers psychic activation and a sense of dominance.

Testosterone as Anabolic Androgenic Steroid

If by nature you are very lean and do not have enough muscle mass. Even daily workouts during many years cannot help you to get great shape full of developed muscles. If you want to increase the level of testosterone, then you need to exercise constantly, so your brain sends signals that it is necessary to produce more testosterone. However, each body has its limitations. There are people who can spend in the gym just a few hours and still look great, but it just 10% of all people in the world. Others most often look at their idols with envy and constantly wonder Why and How?

The answer is simple; they raise the level of testosterone artificially to give the body more opportunities for development. It means that you can add artificial testosterone to your body, and it will work same as your natural. You will experience new feelings, will notice how your body is changing.

Types of Testosterone injections

Testosterone is representing in several forms, each of them has its own type of influence on the body.

Testosterone Cypionate

Is one of the longest esters of testosterone which allows you to significantly increase the basic strength and weight indicators. The drug is used usually during combined bulking cycles. Testosterone Cypionate greatly increases muscle mass, strength, improves phosphorus metabolism, increases oxygen mass of the blood allowing the muscles to work more efficiently, and increases athlete’s endurance.


In the body, the drug acts as a natural hormone testosterone, responsible for many of the male physical and emotional qualities. It causes coarsening of the voice, stimulates sexual attraction (libido), aggression and muscle growth.

Testosterone Enanthte

Is an ester of natural testosterone with 100% Anabolic activity of testosterone and 100% Androgenic activity of testosterone and is widely used by athletes during bulking cycles.


Testosterone enanthate has a pronounced anabolic effect, it stimulates the process of protein production — creates a positive balance of nitrogen in muscle cells. One of the main advantages of the drug is a significant increase in both muscle mass and strength (so it is often used by weightlifters and powerlifters), as well as pumping.

Also this testosterone ester takes a direct part in the formation of such male secondary sexual characteristics as facial hair, low voice tone, body hair, it provides spermatogenesis, which is reflected in sexual desire (libido). Testosterone Enanthate improves phosphorus and nitrogen metabolism, increases the muscle tone and motivation for workout.

Testosterone Propionate

Is one of the most popular steroids in bodybuilding, it is designed to increase muscle mass and strength, but due to the nature of the action, it is more often used during the cutting cycles.


The Propionate-based drug increases muscle mass, burns fat, improves muscle definition, improves strength, increases libido, reduces the risk of cardiac ischemia and coronary heart disease. Testosterone Propionate is definitely the best testosterone ester for competing athletes, its reception is possible in the preparatory phase.

Testosterones Mix

Sustachem is mixture of testosterone esters of various lengths. The agent is most often used as a base preparation for combined cycles, its effect does not differ from the usual testosterone but it has a prolonged effect, which gives a lot of advantages.

250 mg of Sustachem contains: 30 milligrams of Testosterone Propionate, 60 milligrams of Testosterone Phenylpropionate, Testosterone Isocaproate and 100 milligrams of Testosterone Decanoate.


The mixture improves the synthesis of proteins, due to the fact that protein synthesis occurs faster and more qualitatively, the weight of the athlete’s body increases evenly throughout the 10–15 days after the injection. Most athletes experience greater muscle mass gains, increased strength and decrease in body fat.

Side Effects

Each person is individual in his biological reaction to medications. That is why not all adverse reactions associated with the use of medicines can be detected during even the most complete clinical studies. To ensure the safety of the patient and the medicinal product, it is very important to obtain as much information about undesirable phenomena, no matter how rare they are.

The negative peculiarity of all Testosterone esters is its high level of aromatization. Increase in muscle mass is often accompanied by an excessive level of estrogen, which usually leads to gynecomastia. Also we need to keep in mind that using testosterone you may experience androgenic effects such as acne, hair loss, hirsutism (body hair), prostatic enlargement, virilization (in women).

However, all side effects can be prevented by aromatase inhibitors and other Post Cycle Therapy treatment. That’s why so many people are using anabolic steroids. If to use the drugs correctly, they can help you to achieve incredible results.