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We all have that yearning to feel young again. Through countless memories of saturday mornings glued to the television station, cartoons have always been a part of my life. I can recount numerous arguments whether Goku was stronger then Vegeta in each saiyan form, or how fast Sonic actually travels and how that would greatly benefit my life. Growing up slowly diminished cartoon time and was replaced with teen drama shows and laughing tracks(traps) that felt felt forced and “relatable” to our young, ignorant minds.

In the last couple of years cartoons have risen from mediocrity/targeted…

So you’re in school to become a designer. You’ve made the giant decision to become a guru in the art of pixels and to make the best damn products anyone will see or use, but the real world is going to hit you pretty soon. Are you ready?

A Little About Me:

I took a two year program at a technical institute in Vancouver B.C. that gave me every tool of the trade: developing websites, designing, and business courses. I was also a contributor (first year) and editor (second year) at our school magazine Link Magazine that reached thousands of students every month and…

Jarell Alvarez

Designer. Creator. Breather.

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