It is with great enthusiasm and gladness i am writing this blog post that happens to be the last of the first week boot-camp exercise.

Has the week been challenging? Will I be able to complete all the assignment? Did my code follow specification as instructed? Am i convinced enough i would make it to the final selection stage? Will Andela be satisfied with my result? Have the boot-camp experience help me actualize my dream? and so many other questions have I asked myself since day zero of boot-camp.

One thing i am sure of is the fact that my first week boot-camp experience has developed me and made me to see endless possibilities to what i can be and how my dream of becoming a software developer can be accomplished.

From the online application to join Andela, to the psychometric test, and then the home study, followed by an interview and now boot-camp, I have always have intuitive understanding that this is what i ought to be doing and I am on the right path of fulfilling my career goals.

I have always wanted to work in a challenging place, a place that new things are done each day differently, a place that uses new technology, a robust place that I could talk about I.T and he will be interested to listen.

For a week now, I have been leaving a fulfilled life, I could boldly say that I am happy with myself and what I do. I am always motivated to be better each new day, Big thanks to Andela for making this dream a reality.

A question that came to my mind now is the question if i had a reason to quit the exercise and forget about becoming an Andela fellow because the self learning was hard? It sure did come, yes it is, How did I tackle that thought you say? usually i answer myself with another question and i will say will I be happy with myself if I make this decision of quitting to be here in two years time, I would never have forgiven myself.

I believe the reason why most people quit is that they stop believing in their self. They forget they are the only one responsible for the decision they make and they have been given the opportunity to determine how successful they could be and their destiny could be written with their hands.

I usually do not like to look at what it takes for me to accomplish a task, i look at the end result and the fulfillment it brings and that motivate me to win the situation. I have always applied this rule from day zero at boot-camp even when it seems i have to learn so much on a fast pace to understand how an exercise problem is solved, I most of the time look at the joy of being in the next phase of the boot-camp and that enough motivate me to get things done.